Thursday, July 27, 2006

Distant Violins for $7.99

I'm in one of those funks brought on by the ugly realization that I am in fact an adult and soley responsible for forward motion in my life. Sometimes this is an inspiring and freeing realization. Sometimes it just plain stinks.

Yesterday was a supremely stinky day so I did what needed to be done. I went shopping. Not having enough in the bank to cover rent as it is, this can be a dangerous proposition. I live for danger though. After wafting through the higher end stores at the Grove trying to look like a Serious Person With Money, I took myself to the good old Cost Plus.

Cost Plus is great because they have so much stuff from everywhere. A little imagination and you could picture yourself anywhere. I guess if I was a Serious Person With Money, I could actually decorate my home with their room settings and actually pretend to live some exotic elsewhere.

But my brand of danger-seeking is more of the "Look, I swam fifteen minutes after eating!" variety. So I tend to keep to the food and accessories sections of Cost Plus. In the chocolate section (any store with a chocolate section is heaven, first of all) I found a bar from Germany with strawberries AND pepper in it. I kid you not. That's what I call danger.

The exotic Cost Plus hallucinations were beginning. Where would one eat such a chocolatey indulgence but somewhere sweet and spicy like the wild coasts of say Spain? I fondled my choclate bar and drifted through the carpet section in a tango and sangria daze. Thoughts of coal-eyed gypsies in full skirts dancing to sultry violins spun me along. I like wearing skirts. Could I perhaps be an exotic gypsy too? Strawberry and pepper chocolate in hand, it seemed entirely possible. But I refrained from stacatto stamping the heels of my...flip flops.

Then I saw them. A pair of dull brass hoop earrings with a wild gypsy look about them. Or maybe Indian princess. Hmmm, do princesses eat chocolate? I had to have them. I fed my need for retail therapy and headed off my blues for a mere $7.99. I went home triumphant.

Today I tried my hoops on, ready for sultry greatness. Instead they really don't suit me. I look more like a failed pirate than sexy exotic. But Cost Plus doesn't take jewelry returns. Thanks to a frugal upbringing under the tutelage of my father, at least my indulgences and missteps don't break the bank. I'm wearing the hoops today anyway. Pirates are pretty alright too in the world of Other Lives Of Imagined Adventure. And if I need to ward off any blues today I'll just up and eat a square of strawberry pepper chocolate. Just try and stop me.



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