Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Thank-You Note

A big part of any wedding is sitting down to write all the thank-you notes after. We've dutifully done ours. But as something was missing in our ceremony, something is missing in the soul of the thanking. It's hidden in the previously stated hurts and resentments that I chose to focus on.

There are many who deserve to be acknowledged for their actions over the last year and know that we are eternally grateful for the things they did, large and small, and the love they offered.

In no particular order, Thank You:

  • Dad for footing the bill and for giving me away
  • Giancarlo for footing the other bills, for running all over Tuscany and running up your long-distance bill
  • Ash and Matt for wrangling and Matt for being the default best
  • Joel for the wine labels, honey labels and programs
  • Joel and HBH for coming to LA in the midst of crap-storm 2010
  • HBH for shoe shopping
  • Frannie for the quilt help
  • Bella, Lucie, Dani, Caitlin for helping with the ribbon and tulle on the table and vases
  • Christine for making sure the table cloths and flowers were right
  • Mom for the flowers and for sharing your heirlooms
  • Kristi for the amazing bouquet
  • Cathy for loads of calm support and hands of help
  • Sophie for driving, a dress attempt, band-aids, voice of reason and indispensable help
  • Marco for not losing the rings
  • Elisa for helping me laugh it off
  • Barbara for the dress make-over and days at flea markets and tea
  • Lisa for listening to everything
  • Bob and Sharon for hosting
  • Brian and Richard for the posh shower
  • Ash for planning it
  • Ellen for the cake
  • Sarah for flying me out and nursing me back to sanity
  • Everyone who shared their photos with us
  • Miche for the villa
  • Fernando for the ice
  • Tina and Serena for the Tiramisu and helping hands
  • Marta for the best wedding meal ever
  • Angie, Annie, Felicity for their support in our BSG - The Conscious Bride was essential reading
  • Lindsay/Jennifer for taking care of the furballs
  • Danielle for the walk
  • Don and Sue for coming so far and being easygoing always
  • Lorenzo for finding the photographers
  • Arnaldo and Marco for the most amazing honeymoon hosting ever
  • All the generous gifts large and small
  • Franz for driving at the worst time
  • Everyone who danced
  • Everyone for not spilling on my (grandmother's) dress
  • My new cousins who accept me
  • Eli and Mirco for the legal footwork
  • Camilla for help on the ground
  • Federico for wine recon and bottling
  • Carlo for saying “si” in spite of me – foolish man

What an embarrassment of riches. It’s clear my tone has changed in the last year. I see I am not doing enough to stand in gratitude and that may be a big part of why things have felt darker in my eyes. This is me looking toward the light. The day feels a little brighter.

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