Friday, September 28, 2007

Real Reel

It is so weird to be back home today. How can this town still look the same when everything has changed? I've jumped the Tinseltown fence; gone from a hoper to a do-er. We're making a movie.

Home today from two weeks on location in NorCal. Two thirds in the can. One more week of shooting here mid October. The dailies look amazing. Our DP is a freaky genius. You'd never know it wasn't 35mm film if we didn't tell you it was digital. Our actors are delivering amazing performances. It dawned on me our lead guy has the screen spark of Top Gun-era Tom Cruise. Our leading lady is a young Goldie Hawn with Lindsay Lohan looks. With a very unique story, there is no way this film isn't blowing up.

We're finally listed on IMDB too. My name in print as producer. It still seems surreal. And I've never had so much fun. This is what I want to do with my life.

In the car on the way back, the director and I already started planning the budget for my rom-com. Couldn't believe how much we missed the crew and the wonky conditions of living with 14 boys in a decrepit dorm house.

Still a bit dazed and amazed by it all. Keep reminding me it's really happening. Once we were into it I wasn't too wowed by my own ability to do it all. Producing is all just life skills you've gotten from a million crap jobs and relationships. Mostly, what I'm awed by is the amount of support that has swelled from friends and family and even strangers. That and the unflagging dedication of the crew. I want to put them all in my pocket and work with them on every movie I ever make. Never seen a more kind-hearted, witty, hard-working, professional, artistic group of guys.

So mostly, I'm just in an overwhelming state of thanks.

Or as the Beasties put it: When you got so much to say it's called Gratitude - and that's right!

Is it too early to start my thank you speech?
Our amazing crew
Our talented cast
Loving Mom and Dad
Supportive boyfriend
Friends who gave time or possessions: Ingrid, Josh, Heather, Michael, Paul, Valencia, Sarah, Sarah...
Leah from the coffee shop
Harry from the hardware store
Josie from the bank

I'm just getting started, people.



Blogger Loving Seester said...

You forgot your loving Seester!!!!
Hope to talk to you I'll go continue reading....Love you and miss you tons right now...

6:12 PM  

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