Friday, March 14, 2008

It Works

I am constantly amazed by my students. I watched some of them in a performance of the Scottish Play yesterday and was moved to see their self-confidence on stage, their spirit and talent shining through. Because I train them to kick ass, I know they get to walk around just a bit more comfortable in their own skins, pursuing dreams that matter to them. I know they'll know what to do should every woman's worst nightmare come true.

Yesterday before the play we were visited by a former student - a girl still in high school. She pulled my co-teacher (and the president of the company) aside and explained that she'd been assaulted over the weekend. It was at a party. The man was trying to rape her. Scared out of her mind yet without needing to think, her IMPACT training kicked in and she fought him off. She told us she was positive she would have been raped if she hadn't taken our class.

Ladies, you have no excuses. One in three women will be assaulted in her lifetime. Get your asses in this class. Now. Get your daughters and sisters and nieces and moms in this class. Now.
Your life is worth fighting for.

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