Friday, November 09, 2007

Hold That Thought

One has to question the timing of the Universe...or one can just assume it's not all about one.

My Italy rom-com script just finished as a top 20 finalist in the Creative Screenwriting Expo contest last month. This is after creeping up in the quarter and semi finals of the AAA contest and Fade-in this year. My producing partner's script actually won one of the top awards. We wrapped principal photography last month and are in the midst of editing our first indie feature as we speak. All signs point to: we actually have some talent and might find success here.

And then it all comes to a screeching halt with the WGA strike. Even though I'm not in the union yet, I can't sell anything or work for anyone on anything right now or I never will be allowed in the union. I am striking by proxy. This also means I can't promote myself to would-be agents around town. No one wants to hear it right now. Everyone is focused on their own skins as shows shut down every day and agencies begin to thin themselves out.

So we writers - we reasons you have the movies you love - we'll wait it out until we are fairly paid. Meanwhile, we'll keep the creativity flowing if even just for us:
(Someone tell me how to embed this stuff on a post. Brilliant!)



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