Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the Eve of Election

This came to me today from a dear friend:

I was in Spain a few years ago when the same sex marriage law was passed

there. It really surprised me that such a conservative, Catholic country can

get such a law passed. You know how it happened? Simple. While the country is

very conservative, they are also very family oriented. Each family has or know

someone who is gay or lesbian ... and believe that they, too, should be given

equal rights to marry the person they love. It's amazing how it happened.

As such, I have come up with a simple plan to block Proposition 8 -- JUST ASK 5

For the next two weeks- YOU NEED TO TELL AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE how important

this ballot is to you, and how it can impact our lives. Ask your family, your friends,

and your co workers ... tell them what NO ON PROP 8 means to you.

Because this affects you. And if they love you, they should know that supporting this

initiative is important to you!

If Proposition 8 wins, discrimination against gay people will be written into our State

Constitution for the very first time. We can't let that happen.

This measure is VERY IMPORTANT TO US ... but would the girl next to our office know

if we don't tell them? Will your 70 year old mother in Hemet know what Prop 8 is?

Does your staff know how getting out there and voting NO ON PROP 8 mean to

our constitutional rights? All it takes is to ask --- call them, email them, and lets' do

whatever we can!

You have two weeks- JUST ASK 5! http://www.justask5.org/

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