Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It Balances Out: Stench Update

Funny how things come around to you. My cousin arrives for a visit today and as much as I've cleaned post subletter horror the place still just doesn't feel clean.

I'm watching a neighbor's cat while she's away and her cleaning lady - the neighborhood gem - came by today and asked me what to do. Since my neighbor is away, the place is just as clean as it was when she cleaned it last week. We came up with a few deep clean things for her to do and then she looked at my place and said "then I'll just clean your place."

"Oh I don't have any money to pay you." I demurred, longing for the amazing clean I'd seen her cause all over the 'hood. It's been a dream of mine to someday be able to afford her once a month.

She looked around the place, smiled at me and shrugged. She showed up half an hour later and now it's like my entire place has been cleaned by magic fairies. Things I didn't know could be shiny are shiny. Everything smells good. There is no dust or pet fur anywhere. I told her about the Kid's mess and she shuddered. I told her that her showing up and doing this for me today was like a miracle. She just smiled and went on her way.

My cousin should be here in an hour. I got to focus on work all day. And my place is cleaner than it's been in the five+ years I've been here. I'm left with nothing but gratitude. And lemony-fresh everything!

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