Monday, August 11, 2008

Worth Seeing

It's rare to see a film by a woman about women. Even rarer is a film that successfully delves into the soul of issues of womanhood.

Perhaps I'm late to the party, but I've just seen Deepa Mehta's "Water" the third of her elements trilogy. I was so moved by it (and blown away by the amazing cinematography) that I immediately restarted the disk with the Director's Commentary - something I never do.

Mehta's production was shut down two days into filming when fundamentalists got the wrong idea about her script. Protesters threw her sets into the Ganges and burned an effigy of her! (Puts our own production obstacles into perspective!) Mehta was undeterred. Four years later, she remounted the production in Sri Lanka. I'm totally inspired by this brave woman who won't let haters stand in her way of telling a beautiful story.

See this film if you haven't. I started the trilogy at the end. Can't wait for the first two: "Fire" and "Earth."

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