Monday, September 25, 2006


I realize it's an odd thing that I write a Tinseltown blog and rarely talk about what tinsely things I'm actually up to. Well here you go. In addition to my own script which is just about to leave the next and make its rounds about town, I'm also producing an Indie film called Pistoleras. The writer and I are in the final cut consideration for the FIND (Film INDependent - Indie spirit awards, etc.) Producer's Lab. Here's what we told them about why we have to make this film indie:

"Ours is not a main stream film. It would be pushed and pummeled by studio executives and come out the other end of the main stream system a milk toast, lily-white version of itself. This simply won’t do. We want to make a film that speaks to young women about being proud of who you are, finding out how far you’ll go for people you care about, and setting boundaries for yourself and your body. It speaks with an unprecedented frankness about sexuality and violence against women in a way we all understand as women today but rarely see in today’s media."

Check us out at, buy our fund-raiser bracelet, support indie film!



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