Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hollywood Casual

In a strange turn of events last night I attended two very different parties. Both invited stated the dress was 'Hollywood Casual' and I was curious to see how this would be interpreted.

The first party, an AIDS research benefit, was full of art and salad. First kismet of the night: neighbors of mine showed up in a new Rolls Royce. People were self-consciously attractive in that LA "are you noticing me?" way. It was entertaining in the same way many things I go to here are. Pleasant and sparkly in a plastic way.

Then I ended up at the annual stunt awards after party. Second kismet of the night: the party was on the studio lot where I used to work and showing my friend around my old stomping ground, I found my old golf cart. It's been repurposed to a new department but still bears the Union Jack I put on its green plastic flank.

The thing about the stunt party was the meat. There were no salads here, but lots of carving stations and meat dishes available. There was a mechanical bull to ride and other games of strength. No art. But copious amounts of meat to eat.

And meat to look at. I say this from the bottom of my cougar heart. The stunt men and women of LA. And this is the thing that struck me most about the entire evening. I have been to many parties with "the beautiful people" here. The starlet parties. The model-laden events. But never have I been at a party with more good looking people. And unconsciously so. These people were just here to have a good time and they were all fit and adventurous. And hot. I danced my ass off as did everyone else. Not because it looked good but because it was fun. There was actually a dance circle at one point with people taking turns showing off their moves and challenging each other to more flips and fancy kicks. I heard Zoolander in my head say "they're dance fighting." When was the last time you were at a party like that?

So that's my special Hollywood insider tip of the day: for the really beautiful LA people go to the Stunt Awards.



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